Towards the end of the film, the Paladins use a device to keep jumpscars open, so that anyone can go through. It is used by Roland to find Griffin's Lair, and to pull Millie through a scar using a tether. A deleted scene from the film shows Roland talking to Asian scientists about the device, with them mentioning (and showing) that the device is not yet completely safe (a lab rat, after being successfully teleported from one container to another, is shown to have died a bloody death shortly afterward).

The first appearance in the movie of this device is in the Jungle Jumper scene.

During the course of the video game, the device is shown and mentioned at several points before the events at the Lair; Griffin also asks the female assasin who killed his parents to tell him what the device does, but she dies.

The Paladin who serves as the final boss for the Wii version of the game is also shown to carry a smaller version, in the shape of a blue sphere attached to a handle.


  • The item is never explicitly named, though Griffin refers to it as a "machine" and "the device".