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Sophie Drake is the daughter of Mary Drake and half-sister of David Rice. It is unknown if she has any allegiance to the Paladins.


Sophie greets David warmly when he comes

In the film, Sophie has no knowledge that she has an older brother. When she first sees David she is warm and inviting. She politely asks him what he wants.

David tells him he wishes to see Mary.

When her mother comes to the door Sophie is confused.

Sophie calls her mother to the door

When her mother comes to the door, Sophie is extremely confused. She is no doubt thinking what is her mother's connection to this stranger. At the same time, David is surprised by the fact that he has a sister.

Mary Rice tells Sophie to go up to her room. Still bewildered by the whole situation Sophie relents to her mother's request and goes upstairs

Before Sophie can question her mother Mary tells her to go upstairs to her room. Still deeply confused Sophie nonetheless obeys her mother and goes upstairs.


  • Sophie is a character introduced exclusively in the film adaption of Jumper.
  • The role of Sophie is played by actress Kristen Stewart.