Reflex is the second novel in the Jumper series, written by Steven Gould. It picks up ten years after the events of the first Jumper novel.


David Rice and Millie Harrison have been married for a decade. Millie wants to have children, but David doesn't think he would be a good father. Davy goes to a meeting with agent Brian Cox (his old enemy, now ally) and during the meeting, Brian gets killed and Davy gets drugged and captured. Millie, meanwhile, discovers that she can now teleport because of all of her side-along jumps with Davy. She gets worried when Davy doesn't return for a long time and sets out to find and rescue him. Davy is being held captive by an organization who wishes to use his abilities for their own causes. He is unable to escape, and Millie must find him so that together, they can defeat the organization and escape.

Canceled Film AdaptationEdit

A film adaptation of Reflex had been hinted by Doug Liman, who directed the film adaptation of Jumper, and gave an idea on how Jumpers are able to teleport to planets, even through time. Any news about it had not surfaced for years and was eventually scrapped, despite an interview in 2014 that Liman was interested in developing a sequel.

In October 2016, a sequel TV series to the movie was announced and is going to based on the third novel Impulse instead of the second novel Reflex.