Mary Drake
Biographical Information
Name Mary Drake/Rice
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Paladins
Physical Description
Eye Color Blue
Family Members Jillian Drake (mother) - deceased

Unnamed father - deceased
William Rice (former husband) David Rice (son)
Sophie Drake (daughter)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by Diane Lane

Mary Drake (formerly known as Mary Rice) is David's mother and a Paladin, working to track down and kill Jumpers. She separated her husband and son when he was five years old, as she discovered he had the ability to jump (teleport), and either she had to leave or kill him. Mary, who's job was to kill jumpers, helped her son escape from Roland. She remarried and gave birth to at least one more child, a girl. David was unaware that he had a half-sister at some point. She is potrayed as Diane Lane.


David visits his mother and discovers that he has a half-sister (Kristen Stewart). Mary tells David she has known he was a Jumper since he was five, when Jumpers make their first jump. She is a Paladin, and had to either kill David or leave him. Since she left David when he was a child, she prefers him to leave, allowing him a head start.

Notes Edit

Although the Paladin "Rourke", in the animated graphic novel, "Jumpstart: David's Story", claimed Mary's personal files to be false, it might in fact be her real personal files, as the Paladins tried to cover it up and since David found his grandparents with the information he obtained.

Trivia Edit

According to the animated graphic novel, Jumpstart: David's Story, found on the DVD/Blu-ray release of the movie, she was born on October 2, 1965 to Jillian Drake in Kent, Conneticut.

She's the only know female Paladin.

She is shown that despite her being a Paladin, she considers David to be an exception since he is her son as well. However, she will send other Paladins after him, but only a small number.

Mary is presumably one of the 10 Paladins Griffin is trying to hunt as he has pictures of her (along with Roland) on the wall of his lair, indicating she's one of the Paladins Griffin is currently trying to kill.