Mark Kobold is an ex-boyfriend of Millie Harrison. He is a big, tough, mean bully who enjoys picking on people and who hates David Rice for being in love with Millie.

In the bookEdit

In the book, Mark is at a party that David and Millie go to. Millie reveals that Mark is her ex-boyfriend. Mark sees them and trys to cut in and dance with Millie. David tries to defend Millie, and Mark shoves Millie and trys to fight David. David turns out the lights and jumps Mark far away. Mark calls his then-girlfriend and when he tells her what happened and where he is, she thinks he's crazy. Mark eventually gets back to the town he was in at first. His girlfriend later breaks up with him when she sees him having sex with another girl.

In the movieEdit

In the Jumper movie, Mark Kobold is played by Teddy Dunn. Mark takes a snow globe that David gives to Millie as a present and throws it onto thin ice. David trys to get it and falls through. David would have died, except he teleports to the library. Mark, like everyone else, thinks he's dead. Several years later, when they're both adults, David runs into Mark at the bar where Millie works. He's surprised to learn that David is alive after the past 8 years since he left Ann Arbor. When Mark treats Millie badly, David gets angry and punches Mark in the face, starting a fight. Mark is bigger and stronger and soon gets the upper hand, but David then teleports him to a bank vault when nobody is looking. Mark is terrified and thinks David is a freak. David leaves, and Mark is caught by the authorities. He explains to them why he was in the vault, but nobody believes him until Roland hears his story. Roland understands what Mark is talking about and asks Mark about David Rice and his personal life. Mark tells him everything he knows, which makes it easy for Roland to track Millie Harrison and to locate Davids father. When David finds his father dead (or badly injured) he knows that Mark must have told Roland. He jumps to Mark's prison cell (where he has been contained for a couple days as police officials don't believe his story about getting "beamed" into the bank vault) and yells at him. Mark is terrified and confesses everything. David yells in anger and teleports off, leaving Mark in the cell. Mark is not seen or mentioned for the rest of the movie.