Lucas "Luke" Boone is the eldest son of drug/car dealer, Bill Boone. He is also the older brother of Clay Boone.

Biography Edit

Lucas, along with Clay, were estranged by their mother Wendy in their youth, so they were raised by their father Bill. He eventually becomes a mechanic at his father's shop, while also secretly trafficking drugs for his father.

One day, after Clay his hospitalized following a supposed accident in car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, he suspected the one responsible was Henrietta "Henry" Cole, whom was with Clay in his truck during the accident. He confronts her and kidnaps her for interrogation, but is stunned to find out she not only managed to escape but partially damaged his car (where she held captive) in the process, similar to what happened with Clay's truck. His father had him Amos Miller, son of Amish drug dealing family, Jeremiah Miller, believing him to be the one who hurt Clay.

After Clay's release from the hospital (and now paraplegic), Luke is tasked to tend to his brothers' needs. Henry Cole arrives one evening to talk with Clay about the accident. Luke overheard the whole conversation from his neighboring bedroom: there was no accident, Clay had tried to rape her, and that she was the one who in fact crushed his car, and the Millers weren't in any way responsible. Henry then left but not before breaking a window downstairs with a rock. Luke then confronts Clay about it, clearly appalled by what he had heard. Clay dismissed it as her being crazy and lying. Luke remained suspicious.

A few nights later, Luke, along with his father and brother, have dinner with Henry and her family since Henry's mother Cleo is now a new employee at her father's car dealership. In spite of his initial actions towards her, Luke went to Henry to confirm what he heard was true. She confirms it and admits she lied about the Millers' being involved out of fear of his father. Luke offered his sincere condolences to her.

After arriving home that night, disgusted by his brother's actions and having murdered an innocent person in the process, Luke angrily reveals everything to his father and his belief that Henry was telling the truth. Bill does not believe him, which leads to a severe argument between the Boone family.

The next day, Bill and Luke are confronted by Jeremiah and his gang. Their meeting was interrupted by Cleo Cole, who learned of Clay's attempted rape, and wanted to confront Bill, though Luke tried to dissuade her interference. Luke revealed to everyone that Henry hurt Clay and not Amos and due to Bill's intimidating her, she lied and placed the blame on the Millers. A gunfight soon broke out between the Boones and Millers, in which Luke escaped by car, albeit unintentionally taking Cleo with him. Far out of from town, Luke berates Cleo for barging into the meeting and making the situation worse, despite his warnings, remarking how it's just like his father not listening to him. After conversing with Cleo, he decides to give his car to her so she can return to Henry, while leaving him behind, unwilling to return to Reston. He is eventually found by police sometime later.