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Jumpscars are the remnants of when a Jumper teleports. When the Jumper jumps, they leave behind a small "Scar" in the air, which looks like a slight distortion of the air in which the jumper teleported. Also, they leave a jumpscar in the air in which they appear, creating a sort of hole or portal between the two areas. Jumpscars only exist in Jumper: Griffins Story and in the Jumper movie.


A jumperscars life depends on a few variables

  • The skill of the Jumper.
  • The distance of the teleport.
  • The size and/or weight of an object that is being jumped.

Jumpscars fade away over time. In the Jumper movie, you see David teleporting around his apartment without leaving any jumpscars. This is because he was only teleporting short distances and he was very skilled with his power by then. Also, he wasn't carrying anything big and/or heavy with him at the time. When he and/or Griffin jumps longer distances (like across the globe), you can clearly see their jumpscars.


A portal is when an object links two places together. This happens in the Jumper movie when Griffin teleports to tokyo, but leaves the knife to connect the two locations. This way, David can use the Jumpscar when ever he pleased. David closes the portal by passing through the jumpscar and removing the knife.

Jumpers can follow each other through each others jumpscars without even using portals. If a jumper jumps to a certain place, another jumper can walk into the jumpscar and automaticaly jump to the same place without even trying to. This can be seen in the Jumper movie when David accidentally follows Griffin into the Lair after they fight the paladins in Rome. This method can be used by jumpers to follow each other, as demonstrated when David follows Griffin around Tokyo and when he and Griffin are chasing each other around the globe, fightng over the detonator.

Normal humans can't follow jumpers using jumpscars. However, the paladins can locate jumpscars using a special type of spray and then use their machine, which opens up the jumpscar, allowing them to pass through the scar to the place where the jumper teleported.


  • A jumpscar is first mentioned in the movie when David passes through Griffin's jump scar after the Rome fight with the Paladins.
  • In Jumper: Griffns Story, Griffin reffers to a jumpscar as "Jump Rot".
  • Jumpscars can be used as a form of offensive. As shown the film, when David Rice confronted Mike Kobalt in jail to know how much information about himself was given to Roland. David learns that Mark has told Roland everything, including Millie, making her a target for the Paladins. Enraged, David angrily runs towards Mark and teleported away at the last second, causing a jumpscar to crash into Mark, which inflicted pain on him and damaged the wall behind him.