This refers to a world that is exactly like the real world, but include people who have the ability to teleport anywhere they want to when ever they want to.



Actual filming in Ann Arbor.


Ann Arbor, Michigan yesEdit

Ann Arbor is the home town of the Rice family and Millie.


Ann Arbor is first seen when David is in a class at Huron High School staring at Millie. David walks out onto Gallup Park Pond where he falls through and which he teleports to the Ann Arbor Library. David's house is a medium sized home located in Ann Arbor. It is assumed that David has lived here his whole life. After the Roland confrontation at David's apartment, David grabs large amounts of cash and teleports to his old bedroom in Ann Arbor.

The next day David tries to confront his dad in Ann Arbor, but decides not to. He later then goes to Millie's old house to find she works at a bar located at the local College.

Ann Arbor is then shown again when David finds his father dead on the floor of their living room.

The next Ann Arbor scene is when David finds Millie and shows her his power. After that, Ann Arbor is shown when Roland has Millie captured. David manages to teleport a quarter of the building into an unknown river then teleports the building again into the Ann Arbor library, this is the last scene with Ann Arbor.


Mary Rice could possibly live in Ann Arbor for the purpose of keeping a close eye on David.

*End Rumor*