Jumper: Griffin's Story
Developer 1.
Red Tribe
Collision Studios
Brash Entertainment
Release Date
February 19, 2008

==The Gameplay == Edit

The Game begins with a flashback of the Death of Robert & Hannah O'connor. Griffin's parents murdered by Kemp [never seen or mentioned in the game]. Gameplay starts with David and Griffin's first meeting where he incounters Leutenent Paladin. He interoragates him to tell him where Roland is. Griffin traces him to Nepal where he learns that the Paladins were trained by the Monks whodo not suppport them anymore. From there he goes to Tokyo where he finds the paladins are using machines to track down jumpers by using their jumpscars. There, Griffin encounters an unamed female Paladin who apparently got her hand tore from Griffin in the past. She evuntaully dies by accidently falling from a metal cat walk onto the floor. Griffin also manages to kill the man who killed his father. While Griffin is nursing his wounds at the lair, David arrives, permitting the paladins to come through into the lair. Griffin drives Roland back to the Jump Scar and goes to Millie's apartment where he fights the most dangorous Paladin he's ever faced. After an intense battle, he demands to know who the woman is who killed his parents. The paladin says David knows her, implying that the woman is Davids mother. Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Most fans consider this to be Canon
  • In the game Griffin says to the unamed paladin that he was the one who killed his parents and hasn't seen him since that night when in the book Kemp was the one who killed his parents and had a few encounters with Griffin after his parents death and was killed by Griffin had killed Kemp in 1998
  • The game was recieved poorly from fans and general gamers alike