Carl Rice
William Rice
Biographical Information
Name Carl Rice
Gender Male
Status Alive (book)
Unknown (film)
Affiliation Himself
Physical Description
Hair Color Brown
Family Members Mary Rice (ex-wife)
David Rice (son)
Millie Rice (daughter-in-law)
Millicent Rice (granddaughter)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by (Michael Rooker)

Carl Rice is the father of David Rice and the ex-husband of Mary. He is an alcoholic and was a very abusive husband and father. He learns of his son's ability to teleport when he gets mad at David and attempts to beat him. David gets scared and instinctively jumps away to safety, leading to the events of Jumper.


Carl Rice had an abusive relationship with his wife and with his son, David. On a trip they took, Carl constantly wanted to have sex with Mary and forced her into doing it with him several times while David waited outside. Once, Mary refused to do it and later Carl broke several bones in her face. Mary divorced him soon after that. William refused to give any of the letters or gifts that Mary sent to David. Carl constantly drank and made David do lots of chores, beating him for doing it wrong or too slowly or for complaining. Carl would whip David with his belt, using the buckle on the end of it to inflict further pain on his son. David despised his father. One day, Carl tried to beat David for not mowing the lawn and David inexplicably teleported away. Carl put up missing posters asking if anyone had seen David. He also left a note for David asking him to come home and promised not to hurt him anyRegardlessrdelss, David never returned home other than to retrieve/steal a couple items. He stole several hundred dollars from Carl but paid him back later. David almost killed Carl with a bottle when he was asleep but wasn't able to bring himself to do it. Eventually, David made his father feel bad about what he had done by bringing him to Mary's grave and saying that if he hadn't drunk all the time and beat her and hurt him that she would still be alive because she wouldn't have left him. David made his father go into counseling, and paid for the counseling in cash, to make sure that Carl would be able to receive the treatment.

It is unknown if he had made any contact with David after his treatments.


In the film, Carl Rice (known as William) is asked about his son's whereabouts by Roland Cox. Carl says he doesn't know where his son is and refuses to give Roland any information on his ex-wife, Mary. David comes to the house to find Carl's body on the floor and teleports him to a hospital for help.

It can be presumed that he died since Griffin states that paladins kill a jumper's family and friends. However, it was never confirmed if he was killed as there was no blood in the scene and given that David hadn't shown any signs of depression, it is presumed that he survived.


  • In the film adaptation, Carl's name was changed to William.