Bill Boone is an antagonist in the YouTube premium series, Impulse. He is the father of Lucas and Clay Boone. He owns the mass majority of the small town of Reston, New York and through his work as a car and drug dealer, has caused it to thrive.

Biography Edit

Bill has an ex-wife named Wendy who left him and their sons in their youth, leaving Bill to raise them both on his own, to mixed success.

Years later, after Clay is injured and left paraplegic, Bill initially believes the people responsible were the Millers, his partners in the drug business. He then has Luke murder their son Amos out of spite. At first, he refused to believe that Reston newcomer Henry Coles was responsible for Clay's accident, even with the assurance from both Luke and Clay. However, after multitude of misfortunes such as the feds freezing his assets for drug trafficking, the Millers burning down his home, and Clay's decision to leave Reston to live with his mother, Bill is instilled with the belief that Henry was responsible for it all and decides to take revenge.

Arriving at the Hope family farm house, Bill holds Henry's mother Cleo hostage and has Henry come home to confront him. Armed with a gun, Boone tells Henry to show him her "trick", or he would her kill her (and her mother). Henry then attempts to explain that she can't just make it happen. Boone is unmoved, and forces her to admit that she's the one that hurt Clay. Losing his patience, Bill points the gun at her and angrily demands she shows him her ability, only for Henry to respond she doesn't know how. Just as he pulls the trigger, Henry grabs his arm and teleports away with it. Soon after, a one-armed Boone and Cleo are confronted by a mysterious Jumper named Nikolai.

When Henry returns, she finds a trail of blood that leads to the barn by her house and finds Nikolai dumping acid into a metal bucket, apparently disposing of Boone's body.

Trivia Edit

  • Boone has been working with the FBI to arrest the Millers.