Alex Mendes is a Jumper in the Jumper Universe.


Alex is from Rio de Janerio, Brazil. He is of Afro Brazilian descent. He grew up in a slighty poor neighborhood. His farther was killed when he was a Infant. He was raised by his mother, and grandmother. At the age of 5 he preformed his first jump. His mother didn't know what to Think. Her, and Her mothers Religious beliefs cause them to think that he was posessed by the devil. He was taken to a Catholic Church were Rituals were preformed on him. He grew up his whole life scared, and not knowing what was going on. He Ran way from Home when he found out that he could actually Control this gift that he had giving him the ability to go anywhere he wanted to go. He Jumped from Brazil to Miami, Fl where he now resided. His mother, and grandmother were killed by Paladins who were tracing his every move.